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Sylvia and Roel...we’re family by fate but friends by choice. We have been working together since 2000. Working effortlessly together, each one of us has our own specialty. We have grown into a Studio that now serves clients not only from the immediate area but also from surrounding states. Clients travel to us or we go to our clients.

We love the huge excitement of a destination wedding, and the fun times of a local wedding, or the calm of a wondrous sitting with a newborn. Senior sittings renew our dreams of the future and our sittings with children are always a joy.

Our style is edgy and never boring. We can also be as traditional as the portraits taken 50 years ago. When you come in for your sitting, we take the time to get to know you and your style.

Photography is our passion and it shows in the beautiful art we create for our clients. It is our desire to capture images and give you portraits, which will bless your life for years to come, and be remembered always as one of the best investments you have ever made. You can be sure your portraits from "ROEL" Photography Studio will be art of a very personal nature and a most treasured family possession.